Solution by industry


AINSystems provides the technology to minimize loss and protect people and assets. As important,it offers opportunities to increase revenues and enhance customer experiences in real time.

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A total security solution from AINSystems  will ensure that your security personnel get the right information right when they need it, making your property safer even as you cut back on security patrols – and costs. 


Dealing with security in casinos is a multifaceted task. You need to safeguard your people, assets while conforming to often strict gaming regulations. With the added challenges of difficult lighting, high ceilings, as well as your need for capturing the smallest of varying shapes and colors  

Banking & finance

Security Management and Network video brings the benefit of digital imaging to security solutions. Remote access and management of the video makes it easier for you to retrieve and provide video to the police. 

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Hotels & restaurants

hotel management

 As a professional  in network security management  AINSystems gives you the most advanced security and safety benefits for your facility. Going beyond traditional security, AINSystems’ network security solutions are cross functional — meaning you can take advantage of benefits across your whole business.  

Phamasutical facilities

 A breach in pharmaceutical security can have a devastating impact on your brand and on patient health and safety.   AINSystems provide a multi-layered approach with a variety of fail-safes to help secure pharmaceuticals at every point, protecting from external threats as well as internal misappropriation.