Fault Tolerant Access System

  The heart of any building controls are those electronics that enable the decision, beginning with the access control panels. 

Multi Door Access Controller

  The Multi-Configurable IQ Series controllers are PCSC’s benchmark for access control, input and output control monitoring  

Supervised I/O Controller

 The SIM (Supervised Input Module) Series controllers are designed for projects requiring high populations of sense inputs  

Security Software

 LiNC-NXG is a fully integrated Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM). PSIM is a category of systems designed to integrate multiple security applications controlling them through a comprehensive user interface (GUI).  

Visitor's control

 EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) software is the main application for processing visitors, including ID scanning, badges.  

Hotel & Lodging Access Control

 LiNC-NXG Lodging Software Utilizing the ZLock for a fully Integrated Online Hotel Locking System A state-of-the-art integrated real-time access system especially designed for today’s demanding Lodging industry  


RGB Illuminated Reader

Illuminated Reader presents a new concept in the security market where readers display ambiance modes pre-configured by the organization. The reader is wired to the controller 

Proximity Readers

 The access point to door entry or exit, elevator floor control, gates or garages, usually begins at these edge devices. 

Electric and Magnetic Locks

 AINSystems provides a variety of high-quality maglocks for use in any installation. AINSystems offers three different models of maglocks with a range of holding force of 600 lb. to 1200 lb. for the use in variety environments 

Request to Exit buttons

 A complete line of Exit Devices are available for your specific needs. Among  most popular is the illuminated “Press to Exit” button. This heavy duty button is available in two sizes and features a stainless steel backing plate, large red lighted button and “Press to Exit” lettering. .

Biometric Readers

 A time & attendance (T&A) solution in collaboration with biometric authentication provides employers the opportunity to track employee time at work via logs to eliminate intentional or unintentional time theft, reduce administrative costs and decrease human errors; consequently improve workforce productivity 

Video Intercom accessories

 At AINSystems, we offer a variety of video intercom systems to meet a facility’s specific needs. Selections are dependent on the size of a facility and the number of entryways needing to be monitored. 

Video Surveillance Systems

Video Management Software

  Milestone VMS  offer users three flexible ways to view surveillance: XProtect® Smart Client, XProtect®Web Client and Milestone Mobile.
With the ability to access video from various locations, as well as computers and mobile devices  there is an XProtect client to suit all your needs.  

IP Camera Systems

AINSystems  provides  a full video surveillance solution designed for the needs of your small business. It’s complete with surveillance cameras, video recording solutions and free video management software - which includes a mobile app.  

Video Storage Systems

 AINSystems partners with Promise Technology Inc. that  is  recognized as a global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions, designed for the data center, surveillance, to provide a full end-to-end solution for video storage systems

Video Content Analytics

 Video Content Analytics (VCA) enables intelligent analysis applications to be seamlessly integrated with the VMS system. The analysis of the recorded data brings added value to the business by increasing the understanding of the movement and its consequences within the area. The application can be used in all supported cameras, and it also supports thermal cameras. 

Video Transmission Systems

 For safety, security and auditing purposes many companies (and homes) require the installation of video camera systems and surveillance equipment.  Modern IP-based video camera systems provide flexible solutions that allow viewing of camera feeds from multiple locations (from outside of the office, on mobile devices, etc.) as well as excellent quality recordings. 

Physical security information management PSIM

 PSIM is designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface. It collects and correlates events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building systems, etc.) to empower personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations. .

Parking Management Systems

Parking Systems

 Investment in development is one of the basic rules in the AINSystems  strategy, even during an economic weak period.The new product of Parking system called Xparc from AMANO Europe. Read more... 

ANPR Systems

 SmartLPR® Access is a powerful All-in-One license plate recognition unit based on proprietary technology developed by Quercus and it is designed to contribute to smart mobility and security in parking facilities and access control areas. Read more...  

Guidance Systems

  Reach operational excellence by accurately monitoring your parking lot occupancy via ultrasonic or magnetic sensors. After  collect the data and send it to the computer on real-time, Software accurately directs your customers to the vacant parking spaces. Read more.. 

Automation Systems

Remote Gate Control

 Control and monitor commercial and residential gates with ControlByWeb devices -  Connect the relays to a gate controller to remotely control the gate.  Monitor the gate's status with digital inputs. You can schedule the gate to open during regular business hours 

Light Control

 Control lighting circuits either remotely or locally with Light Control devices - Control and/or schedule lights to turn on/off at certain times from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser or smartphone 

Freezer Monitoring

Monitor temperature and/or humidity with Controller devices - Receive text messages or email alerts when a temperature threshold is exceeded for a user-specified amount of time. Log and plot the temperature history 

Irrigation Controller

 Remote control your commercial irrigation system with Web-Enabled Irrigation Controller - Wire the controller to your valve box and to connect it to your local network/Internet - you can now access and control your system from any location in the world! 

Generator Automation

 Control and monitor an industrial generator  modules - Monitor transfer switch, line power status, generator power status, battery voltage, door sensor, frequency. In addition, monitor generator's engine block, coolant, and ambient temperatures. Remotely start and stop generator and schedule exercise times. 

Wireless Door Monitor

 Wirelessly monitor the open status of a storage unit's door with the  local controller.  controller requires no wiring and can be run on two AA batteries for low-power applications such as this.